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Utility Services

To meet the growing needs of our clients, the Urban Futures Analytics and Compliance Group Utility Services Division was created to provide a variety of services for municipal and special district utilities. Our services include financial plans, fee studies, cost-benefit analyses, and water supply management plans.

Specific services include:

Financial Plans. Long-range financial planning tool that incorporates the budget, CIP, reserves, transfers, and changing water supply costs, and water usage.

AB 1600 Reporting: Public facility fees, otherwise known as development fees, are a monetary exaction, other than a tax or special assessment, which is charged by a local governmental agency to an applicant in connection with approval of a development project. The purpose of these fees is to defray all or a portion of the cost of public facilities related to the development project. The legal requirements for enactment of a development impact fee program are set forth in Government Code § 66000- 66025 (the “Mitigation Fee Act”), the bulk of which was adopted as 1987’s Assembly Bill (AB) 1600 and thus are commonly referred to as “AB 1600 requirements.” Each public agency enacting these fees are subject to filing an annual Public Facilities Fee Report necessary to meet the requirements of both California Government Code Section 66006(b) and 66001 (d).

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